Safe Pass Courses FAQs

Can SafePass training be done online?

The new Safepass renewal test is designed to allow those who have previously completed the classroom-based programme, to renew their Safepass card by completing a computer-based test in an approved Pearson VUE test centre. The test is 45 minutes long. There are 50 multiple choice questions in total and you must answer 45 questions correctly to pass the test. Before you sit the test you must study the relevant material before you sit the SafePass test at one of the VUE centres. ProTraining do not run Safepass tests or training online, we are a classroom based Approved Training Organisation and run Safepass Cours in Sligo, Galway, Westmeath and Athlone

What is SafePass?

SafePass is a one day safety awareness programme aimed at construction workers.  The aims of the programme are to raise the standard of safety awareness in the construction industry and that all construction workers after completing the one day awareness programme can make a positive contribution to the prevention of accidents and ill health while working on the site.

Who needs to do SafePass awareness training?

Under the Safety Health and Welfare at Work (Construction) Regulations 2013  Safe Pass / Safety Awareness Programmes only applies to -

(a) Craft and general construction workers,

(b) Persons undertaking on-site security work, and

(c) Persons or classes of persons as may be prescribed by the Minister.

When do I need to renew my SafePass training?

SafePass awareness training should be renewed every 4 years.


Event Event Date Event End Date Location Individual Price Available Place Register
SafePass - Wednesday 31.05 - Athlone 31-05-2023 7:45 am 31-05-2023 5:00 pm The Bounty Athlone €170.00 0

Sold Out

SafePass Longford - Friday 2nd of June 02-06-2023 7:45 am 02-06-2023 5:00 pm EDI Centre Longford €160.00 12
SafePass - Wednesday 07.06 - Mullingar 07-06-2023 7:45 am 07-06-2023 5:00 pm Mullingar Congress Centre €170.00 1
SafePass Longford - Friday 9th of June 09-06-2023 7:45 am 09-06-2023 5:00 pm EDI Centre Longford €160.00 20
SafePass Monaghan - Tuesday 13th June 13-06-2023 7:45 am 13-06-2023 5:00 pm Hillgrove Hotel Monaghan €170.00 10
SafePass - Friday- Tuam Galway 23.06.23 23-06-2023 7:45 am 23-06-2023 5:00 pm Ard Ri House Hotel €150.00 12
SafePass - Wednesday 28.06 - Athlone 28-06-2023 7:45 am 28-06-2023 5:00 pm Athlone Springs Hotel €170.00 16
SafePass Longford - Friday 30th of June 30-06-2023 7:45 am 30-06-2023 5:00 pm EDI Centre Longford €160.00 20
SafePass - Wednesday 14.07 - Athlone 14-07-2023 7:45 am 14-07-2023 5:00 pm The Bounty Athlone €170.00 20
SafePass - Wednesday- Tuam Galway 19th July 19-07-2023 7:45 am 19-07-2023 5:00 pm Ard Ri House Hotel €150.00 13